IT Brushes

IT Brushes are exclusively available at Ulta Beauty Supply. ulta IT Brushes are high quality without the high prices, they are used for everyday makeup use and have different options for certain makeup products. They work for any skin type and have a variety of options for your interest. Their main purpose it to give your skin perfect airbrushed look and feel.

Price Rating: 3/5Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.21.25 PM Stars

The prices of IT Brushed range from $13-$40 depending on which type of brush you’re interested in. Concealer brushes are typically cheaper than foundation brushes due to the size of the product.

Quality Rating: 2/5 Stars

The quality of the brush as a whole could be better, after a couple weeks of using my “OMG! Foundation Brush,” the attached metal to handle pieces detached. It was an easy fix with a little glue, but with a product that cost so much, this shouldn’t be happening to a fairly new product.

Versatility: 5/5 Stars

My favorite part about this foundation brush is that is is very versatile. You can use your favorite liquid foundation based on your skin tone. It is not more compatable with certain foundations, it works with any. I use it with Loreal True Match Foundation.

Packaging: 4/5 Stars

The packaging is very simple but looks neat and high quality. It come in a clear casing protecting the entire brush, over the bristles in a plastic case that covers them completely that closed with a lid on top. This is especially nice when traveling to ensure the product won’t get ruined.

I would more than likely purchase this product again, I like it as an over assets to my makeup collection.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


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