Go Green!

I’m Emily, Hi.


I’m not really putting the “ew” in reviews, I’m just helping you to avoid that happening on feature purchases you make. No one wants to waste their money on a poorly made product or a poor serviced restaurant.

Anyway, I am a junior at Michigan State University (GO GREEN!!) studying advertising in the College of Arts and Communication. I am compelled by strategic marketing skills through social media and psychological thinking of marketing and advertising. I am currently an intern at Around Campus Group which is a company that works with businesses across the country to connect them with campus communities. I am responsible for working as a team, and individually to create a marking plan that will best fit a certain business.

Products interest me by the way they are represented and how well they are perceived by consumers. I have always had the interested of reviewing products after trying them. I am a member of Influenster and GoCommando which are both companies that help brand upcoming products.

I hope that my review blog will help you decide on what products will benefit you to the most extent. Enjoy!


P.S. I’d love for you to share your comments, questions, and concerns. So please take full advantage of the comment feature, it would be greatly appreciated.

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